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Building & Drainage

As a staple of the construction industry, we stock a vast range of building materials from standard DPMs & DPC’s, specialist hydro carbon membranes, floor insulation, and reinforcement to full drainage systems including pump stations, incorporating everything from BSEN1401 drainage systems, to  pump stations, bio disks and septic tanks, whatever you are building we have a material solution. Please check out our products page for a more in depth guide.


We stock a vast range of ducts & accessories in all standard colours and diameters, ducting must be colour coded to safely comply with building regulations, below is a easy to use guide as to which colour to install for what use:

  • Black: Domestic electric cables, low voltage
  • Yellow: Mains gas (available in perforated to allow for venting)
  • Blue: Water pipes
  • Greeen: Non motorway cctv, broadband
  • Grey: BT
  • Purple: Motorway service cables
  • Orange: Street lighting & traffic signal
Independent Civils Solutions Ltd


EasyLiner is a lightweight yet rigid chamber which can be easily assembled. All components lock together, making EasyLiner a robust chamber which is suitable for a variety of uses. This chamber system is normally concrete back filled and offers an alternative to rotationally moulded liners, over which EasyLiner has cost and technical advantages.

The chamber can be supplied fully assembled or flatpacked.

All components are made from recycled plastic, strong polypropylene, and are recyclable at the end of use.

Independent Civils Solutions Ltd


We keep large stocks of Insulation suitable for all applications including floors, walls, and roofs. As well as traditional insulation we can also offer heave protection products and void formers. We can also offer bespoke cut lengths for flooring perimeter strips saving time & money on site

Independent Civils Solutions Ltd

450mm DIA Inspection Chamber Base

  • Supplied with four easy fit bungs to block off unused outlets.
  • Total depth can be up to 1.2m using R450.
  • Channel size 110mm
Independent Civils Solutions Ltd

450mm DIA Inspection Chamber Base - 160mm

  • Supplied with four easy fit bungs to block off unused outlets.
  • Total Depth can be up to 1.2 meters using R450
  • Channel size 160mm
Independent Civils Solutions Ltd

Drainage Systems

All drainage systems are manufactured in the UK to stringent quality standards, with drain pipe and fittings BS EN 1401 certified, providing the installer with a completely reliable product range that will continue to perform.  Brett Martin Drain systems feature a lip seal within 110mm & 160mm single socket pipe and a market leading captive seal within 110mm drain fittings which secures against dislodgement and makes jointing easier

Independent Civils Solutions Ltd

Reinforcement Mesh

Reinforcement is in integral part of the building process and is used in most concrete applications, we can offer full prefab designs, cut and bent, and all standard grades of mesh, below is a easy to use guide for grades of mesh.

Independent Civils Solutions Ltd

Blocks & Bricks

We stock a wide variety of Blocks & bricks, this includes Dense, Medium Dense, Lightweight, Flooring and Trench blocks. We also keep vast stocks of engineering bricks, commons, slips and facing bricks.

Independent Civils Solutions Ltd

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