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We work very hard to ensure our products and service is second too none, our experience with flood and water management makes us the ideal partner for many of your projects. Please take the time to check out some of our commendations.

The guys on site have not stopped talking about all the times we could have used and utilised this product Funke HS pipe instead off the traditional concrete. This is due to its ease of use, adaptability and speed attributes that have seen the time-scales over the last couple of weeks reduce by 1/3 on the storm drainage installation works on our site at Crowland. Further cost savings are available on the manholes, junctions and fittings against concrete products which accommodate this fantastic product.

The manholes to accommodate the pipes are brilliantly simple and really easy to install as well as the fittings such as the junctions adapters and reducers to name a few which allow easy connections with other underground drainage products often used within groundwork’s.

Another huge positive from the ever growing list that continues to grow the more times we use this product are the health and safety attributes such as the reduction in heavy lifting requirements and manual handling due to its lightweight structure and ease off manoeuvrability. The replacement off concrete pipes with the Funke HS pipes also reduces the impact of dust pollution on site from cutting procedures.

The order and delivery timeline with ICS ltd was smooth and stress free with the product which is also now available in the yard as well as direct on ordering. This allowed our site team to order the product with no concerns towards the program surrounding lead times with further insurances that should instances change on site as they often do the availability of the product is a phone call away often on next day delivery from the yard with ICS ltd.

The delivery of the Funke HS pipe items were very easy to unload due to its practical packaging including the bends and junctions for example being encased within secure cardboard boxes. This made light work of transporting the goods to our site compound and work areas.

To summarise this great product I would advise anyone willing to seek an increase in production outputs whilst furthering potential profit margins with positive health and safety factors alongside to give this fantastic product a chance, as its safe to say you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Aidan Ragg

HS Funke Pipe